Itel Flip 1 Specs & Price in Pakistan - itel Launched a Flip Phone in Pakistan


Itel Mobile Launched a Flip Phone Model Flip 1


itel Mobile Pakistan is Pakistan's fastest growing international brand  offering quality mobile phones and high-tech gadgets at unbelievable prices. Whether you're looking for a smartphone, feature phone or trendy accessories, itel has something for you. itel is a brand specializing in affordable mobile phones and other communication devices.

Important Points About itel are:

Budget-friendly mobile phones: itel focuses on providing cost-effective mobile solutions, especially for markets where affordability is important. The company's devices are aimed at users who prioritize important features without spending a lot of money. Feature phones: Itel offers a variety of feature phones (also known as basic  or dumb phones). These phones are primarily designed  for calling, texting, and basic multimedia functions. They often feature physical keyboards, long battery life, and simplified interfaces.


Itel is known for its feature phones, but the company has also entered the smartphone market. The company's smartphones aim to provide decent performance and essential smartphone features at affordable prices. Strong presence in emerging markets: itel has a strong presence in emerging markets, particularly parts of Africa, South Asia, and  Latin America. Our focus on affordability and durability resonates  with consumers in these regions.

Community Engagement:

itel actively engages with its user community through social media, events, and promotions. They often collaborate with local influencers and participate in community initiatives.

Recently they launched a Flip Keypad phone in Pakistani market. The itel Flip 1 is a compact and straightforward feature phone designed for basic communication needs. Here are its key specifications.

Itel Flip 1 Specs & Price



The phone features a 2.4-inch QVGA display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. While modest, this screen provides a clear and vibrant viewing experience for essential tasks.

Processor and Memory:

It runs on the MT 6260A processor and has 8MB RAM. The internal memory is also 8MB, and you can expand it further using a microSD card (up to 64GB).


The itel Flip 1 comes with a 0.08MP rear camera with flash and a 0.08MP front camera. It’s not a photography powerhouse, but it gets the job done.


The phone is powered by a 1500mAh battery, which should provide decent standby time.


It supports GSM networks and features Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity.

Operating System:

The itel Flip 1 runs on a minimalistic operating system (MOS).


Measuring 81 x 70 x 15.9 mm, it’s notably compact and lightweight at just 0.3 grams. The signature flip design opens up to reveal the display.

The itel Flip 1 Official Price is 6499 PKR.

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