These Household Tips and Hacks Will Blow Your Mind - Simple Solutions for Everyday Challenges

These Household Tips and Hacks Will Blow Your Mind - Simple Solutions for Everyday Challenges

Bag Stains:

If there is a grease stain on bags made from the skins of various animals, sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain. Leave the bag with the baby powder for twenty-four hours, then lightly rub the affected area with a toothbrush with soft bristles. The stain will disappear.

Tight Shoes:

Sometimes, shoes become tight. Dip a piece of flannel cloth in warm water, squeeze it, and insert it inside the shoe. Due to the warmth of the cloth, the shoe will expand, and its tightness will be relieved.

Excess Chili in Curry:

If there is too much chili in the curry, add yogurt or tomatoes to it. Mix a teaspoon of sugar in yogurt before adding it.

Preventing Worms in Rice:

To prevent rice from becoming sticky, add a pinch of thick salt and turmeric to it. The grains will not stick together, and insects will not infest the rice. The salt grains should be thick.

Keeping Fruits Fresh:

If lemon juice is sprinkled on fruits, they do not spoil. If fruits are to be kept, put a piece of dry paper on the bottom.

Removing Grease Stains from Woolen Items:

To remove grease stains from things like woolen shawls, apply yogurt on the stains, and then wash them with soap and water.

Preserving Rubber Items:

Before storing rubber items in a box, sprinkle talcum powder on their surfaces. This way, they will remain preserved for a longer time.

Polishing Stone Items:

Soak bread in milk and use it to polish stone items or utensils. They will become shiny.

Thickening Fresh Cream:

If cream becomes too thin, put a little soda in it and keep it in the freezer. After freezing and thawing it again, the cream will thicken.

Tarcoal Stains:

To remove tarcoal stains, mix mud soap and chloroform, clean the stained area thoroughly with it, then wash with soap and water.

Stains on Clothes:

If there are stains on clothes, wet the affected area with warm water and washing powder immediately. If the turmeric mark remains, expose it to the sun. Then apply raw onions to the stained area and sprinkle talcum powder or borax.

Chewing Gum Stuck:

If chewing gum sticks to clothes, it is very difficult to remove. Remove it by heating it with a knife or hot water. Then soak the cloth in turpentine and wash it with soap.

Protecting Shoes in Rain:

Waterproof leather items, such as shoes and bags, by applying saddle soap. It prevents them from getting damaged in the rain.

Black Stains:

If there is ink on clothes, soak the stained part in tomato juice for a few hours, then wash it.

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