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Pakistan All Internet Companies Internet Packages And Internet Codes | Jobifypk

This is the most practical, creative, ethical, and lawful use of Pakistan’s open internet. Telenor Pakistan and Facebook have introduced to Pakistan, making it the eighth nation to do so. Millions of people in Pakistan do not have access to internet, but Facebook’s campaign hopes to change that. Pakistani All Networks ., available on the Google Play Store, will allow users of Telenor’s 2G, 3G And 4G networks to access the World Wide Web without cost. In theory, this innovative method may provide you limitless web browsing. Nonetheless, Facebook anticipates that other telcos and content providers will soon join this initiative.

How to Use In Pakistan
To make use of this service, you will need a SIM card that is compatible with Telenor. Download the app on your mobile device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet. Install the software on your device using the instructions provided for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, and then go to the website to start surfing.


On a mobile phone, you are able to activate Zong’s 3G internet service. You are more than welcome to give it a go, even if we can’t promise that it will be successful. To use the free Zong internet service, your smartphone has to be running Android 4.0 or a later version, have a Zong Prepaid SIM card, and have the Psiphon software installed.

Zong Internet Codes

Follow the Steps
For starters, you may text “CFD” to the number 6464.
Make sure to include the word “Zongwap” while making your APN.
Simply instal Psiphon v3 on your mobile device.
According to a recent report, Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading data network, has upgraded its self-care app and launched a phenomenal “Free 4GB Data” offer for new app registrants.

As an app with over 6 million downloads, My ZongApp caters to the convenience and comfort of GSM and Mobile Broadband customers.

With the latest version of the App, Zong subscribers get instantaneous access to all the features they want for account management. The My Zong app allows users to check their balance, recharge their phones, apply for loan, and manage Zong numbers.

Quickly place an order for a Zong 4G Handset or MBB device using the free “My Zong” app, available for both iOS and Android. Child and Master Numbers for mobile broadband users may be access through the app for ease of use.

My Zong App

To further improve the user experience, the updated “My Zong App” now has a widget. In order to keep track of how much data, voice, and SMS an Android user has left, this widget may be added to their home screen.

Users may provide feedback on the quality of service they got by filling out a customer survey. One useful aspect of this feature is the instantaneous response it gives to customer inquiries. Pakistani All Networks

Zong 4G, which has an excellent reputation for customer service, places a premium on client happiness. It’s undeniable that Pakistan’s leading data network is consistently innovating to provide the most cutting-edge digital solutions for its varied clientele.


Assuming you choose to do so morally and legally, you can use a lot more than 17 websites without spending a dime.

Free WiFi requires an APN of “most,” a proxy of, and a SIM card from Telenor. Pakistani All Networks.

Telenor Internet Codes

Make it the standard in all software and make it the default. There is no data cap on the free internet, and you won’t use any MBs when browsing the web. The *999# access code will provide you with that information.

You may get all the internet at no cost. But if you’re still on the hunt for muft ka internet, we can point you in the right direction. Then the best solution is Please accept our sincere appreciation for checking out our webpage.


Ahead of the PTA’s competition, the Jazz Internet package was the most cost-effective and competitive alternative to 3G among Pakistani network operators. The battle was won by jazz. Get Form

Warid and Jazz have a combined user base of around 50 million. In order to get access to the internet at a higher quality and speed, almost everyone is interest in using this technology. However, the company’s bundles are very overpriced and provide little practical value. Therefore, we have supplied detailed instructions based on accurate data that are compatible with the Mobilink Jazz free Internet code. Internet Freedom Act of 2022 for Zong and Jazz.

Jazz Internet Codes

In Pakistan, Mobilink Jazz is a top choice for high-speed 3G and 4G mobile internet. There are weekly, daily, and monthly Internet packages available from Jazz. Mobilink Jazz’s significant client base may be attributed to the service’s high standards and commendable quality, as well as its light fast connect and flexible pricing plans. Pakistani All Networks

Jazz has a free internet access code of *117*72*3#. Use this code to get 500 MB of free data per day for 10 days. You may easily get Jazz Free MBs by following the instructions provided.

Access the phone’s dialer.
• Enter the code *117*72*3# onto your phone’s keypad to get a free Jazz MB.
• A pop-up window will display a notice.
• You will get 500 MBs if you are eligible for this offer.
• You will be able to use the internet as much as you like for the following 10 days.


Ufone customers may also take use of the company’s free Internet Data tricks. Keep reading to learn more about how to obtain free internet data.

When you download the My Ufone app, you’ll get 1 GB of free data to use online. To take advantage of this fantastic offer and many more, download the My Ufone app right now. Moreover, the App’s functionality is mostly unlock at no cost. Pakistani All Networks.

Ufone Internet Codes

When downloading the Ufone app for the first time, customers will be reward with 1GB of free data. For the next two weeks, we’ll be exploring a wide variety of materials. A smartphone, together with the necessary hardware and software, must be acquired and install. Download the app and use it on your mobile phone Data, short message service (SMS), and voice packages and discounts are all available for your requirements.

In addition, when you use the App for the first time, all you have to do is input your Ufone number to get start. A message notify you of the free data offer will be sent to your inbox once you sign up. After joining up, you’ll get access to 500 MB of free bandwidth for the first week. For the next week, you’ll have access to 500 MB. It implies that you’ll get access to 1GB of data for a total of 14 days. Ufone My App allows you to quickly and easily access all of your phone and internet options. There are also deals to be had on things like hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres.

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